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Hand Embroidered Kashmiri Blankets


Hand Embroidered Kashmiri Blankets



Free UK delivery on orders over £200

*As featured in Homes & Gardens Magazine

These 100% wool blankets are hand dyed, hand loomed and hand embroidered by artisans in rural Kashmir.  Each blanket takes 2 months to make, and is a real work of artistry and labour of love.

Featuring either an elegant paisley design, or an intricate floral pattern, these blankets have a plaited, frayed edge on the widths, with a neat straight edge along the edges.

Perfect folded on the end of beds, and add personality and warmth to rooms when draped over sofas and armchairs. Extremely soft and a real luxury to cuddle up in year round.

  •  One size: 220cm x 285cm
  • 100% wool
  • Hand embroidered, hand dyed & hand loomed by artisans
  • Reversible

Special orders taken for single sizes, and more colours available upon request.

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